Alexander Hamilton Dunlop

Master The Game Of  Your Life

Using techniques both ancient and modern, Alexander helps clients clarify their strengths, overcome personal challenges and leverage their hidden genius. The results are game-changing.

Typical clients include

– Entrepreneurs who want clear direction in uncertain territory
– Creative professionals who want to reconnect with their passion
– CEOs who want constructive support to make sharp decisions
– Business executives who are looking to break through a glass ceiling
– Parents who want to best support their children’s growth
– Couples who want to have a happy, healthy relationship
– Anyone who is at a transition point in life and wants clarity

Whatever the situation, Alexander coaches people to find mastery in their lives. Instead of trying to change external conditions, Alexander empowers clients to transform their situations from the inside out. Internal transformation creates external transformation.  The results are life-changing.

Alexander was recently praised in Forbes Magazine for his uniquely effective coaching practice.  He has been named one of 25 Super Hero Coaches nationwide by Coachville USA.

Alexander is also the founder of the non-profit organization The Center of Spiritual Nutrition.


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